How can our unique perspective help you?

Arial Photography

Get spectacular overhead and elevated shots of your land, structure, house or property. From heights of up to half a kilometre and distances up to 2 kilometres these shots are Perfect for showcasing any building or plot as never before!

Arial 4K Video

Our Super-HD 4K Enabled cameras can provide super smooth fly-bys, orbital shots and tours from the sky. Footage is indiscernible from that shot from a helicopter

Roofing and structural surveys

We can fully survey, analyze, assess and photograph your structure. No need for costly scaffolding. Quick and affordable checks with realtime video viewing and recording as well as photography.

Speciality Wedding and Event Photography

Get a new perspective on that special day! Whether you are getting married on a clifftop, up a mountain or down the local church. We can help you compose some fantastic shots that no one else will have! Make your memories unique!


We aim to bring you or your business a whole new view
"I"ve never seen my business from the sky! Its quite something!"

Have you ever thought how to differentiate yourself? The sale of your house? The promotion of your business? The exposure of your public event? Have you ever needed to see something out of reach, or impossible to access? What about capture of that special moment in a way almost no-one has before? Well thats what we do! Bringing our top of the line expertise and drone based elevated photography. We can take high resoloution snaps from heights of up to half a kilometre up, we can record Ultra-High Definition Video at 4k, on our super smooth camera gimbals it will look like a professional shot from a full size helicopter. We can provide these services direct to you at a fraction of the cost required in the past. Call us today and ask!

  • High Megapixel Shots
  • 4K Video Recording
  • Super smooth motion
  • Skilled pilots and technicians


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